Hi, I'm Valentin.

And, this is my universe.

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I'm a web developper, and this planet is Devopia-8R

Holder of a professional license in web development and big data, after a 2 years degree in computer science.


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As a creative, I quickly focused front-end developpment to express my artistic fiber.

Currently working at Dynadmic - A web advertising agency, in which I'm developping our web app with a nice team.

All the moons of this planet are some of the languages that I know.

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This planet is Icosahedra 115

It represents my passion for tabletop role-playing games

I'm gamemaster in an rpg team, I often create scenarios in the Lovecraftian universe, which really inspires me in some of my creations

It's highly not recommended to land on this planet, the gigantic tentacles you can see here are only a part of an unspeakable creature from Lovecraft's horror Myhtos



See ARPGDS, my dice bot for Discord

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Welcome to Diaphragma B!

I'm a cosplay & portrait photographer since 2019, but also a fan of astrophotography

Editing stuff with Photoshop for about 10 years now, and currently discovering videography

I've a lot of projects linked with this passion, like short horror films or "Le Compendium" (WIP)



My photographer website



Personnal photo gallery


There is only one intelligent form of life here.

They are colonizing all there solar system.

They built and enhanced a lot of starships, you can see here the evolution of there technologies.

The names of their ships are highly inspired of some of my softskills.